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Clean Air: Law, Policy, and Practice

The Clean Air Act will present the leading environmental law challenge to the next Administration. The new global warming regulations, carbon as an emerging commodity, new markets for emission trading, and the effects of other air pollutants (such as mercury, fine particles, and ozone) will spur new developments in the agencies and the courts. Presented just four weeks after the presidential election, this course allows you to take away a timely, in-depth analysis of the major issues arising under the Clean Air Act, the principal federal statute addressing air quality. The policies of the new administration are sure to be of great concern, and invitations have been extended so that a senior environmental advisor to the winning candidate will present a keynote address to kick off the program. This comprehensive course examines the most recent programmatic, litigation, and congressional developments. It also informs practitioners at all levels of experience about current challenges and larger, emerging issues that will strongly influence Clean Air Act law and practice in the years to come. An introduction to the structure and substance of the Act is presented on Wednesday evening for the benefit of people unfamiliar with the Act or interested in a refresher.

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