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Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)


This seminar will provide a better understanding of how Commercial Grade Dedication is applied to meet Nuclear Quality Assurance requirements in the procurement of safety-related components. Referencing real world Case Studies, the four CGD item acceptance methods are presented. All participants are able to practice using a CGD Plan template, and upon course completion, receive a copy of the CGD Plan. A tour of Kinectrics’ CGD lab is also included in this session.

History of CGD

  • What is CGD?
  • Quality and Nuclear Programs
  • Nuclear Procurement

Critical Characteristics for Safety and Acceptance

  • Identifying the Safety Function
  • Identifying Critical Characteristics

The Four CGD Item Acceptance Methods

  • Differentiate between the four acceptable methods for CGD:
  • Special Test and Inspection
  • CGD Survey
  • Source Verification
  • Supplier/Item Performance Record
  • Factors to determine which method is appropriate for various test requirements and scenarios
  • Combining Methods – making decisions based on accuracy, schedule constraints, costs and other factors

Sampling Plans

  • Lot/Batch Sample Plan
  • Factors to consider in the selection of a sampling plan
  • How to differentiate between the sampling plans in the EPRI guidelines
  • Production traceability
  • Single and Multiple Manufacturer Traceability

Developing a CGD Plan
Template will be provided

Who Should Attend
The targeted audience for this course includes:

  • Procurement engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Buyers and supply chain personnel
  • Manufacturers without nuclear QA programs, who wish to sell their products to the nuclear industry

Key Benefits

Gain an understanding of:

  • How nuclear QA affects the procurement of safety-related components
  • How the CGD processes can satisfy the nuclear QA safety requirements
  • Understanding QA criteria for nuclear power plant specifications:
  • Z299 Series
  • 10 CFR 50
  • EPRI NP 5652
  • Tour of the Kinectrics CGD lab

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