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Computer Based Training for Health & Safety


Aware Learning Technologies does one thing only:  we build computer-based training for health & safety.  Aware integrates courseware content and simple to implement technology to create interactive learning solutions that educate and train individuals, effectively helping them to learn new information, processes and procedures.

Accelerate the Learning Curve
In addition to providing quality content, Aware Computer-based training programs offer tiem and cost savings.  Aware Programs reduce learning time by up to 75%, enabling learners to more quickly assimilate and apply their new knowledge.  These highly effective learning tools also increase retention by reinforcing key concepts.

Aware CBT programs provide access to training at any time and any location at a reduced cost.

On this page, we summarize some of the benefits of using computer-based training.  Please contact us if you are considering CBT & we can provide additional information or assistance.

A Preferred Training Method

  • CBT saves money, saves training time and provides more effective training delivery than traditional training methods.
  • Computer-based training is estimated to account for 50% of all training in North America.
  • Companies and organizations in occupational health and safety, education, medical health, and finance are rapidly accepting computer-based training as a preferred choice for hard skills training.

More Choices

  • With a network-operable platform, learning materials are truly available at any time and at any place. A learner can complete a course whenever time is available. Aware products automatically bookmark the last section completed.

Increased Enjoyment

  • Actively participating - completing exercises, quizzes, and exams - increases learning enjoyment and motivation.
  • Easy-to-use features accommodate various learning styles and learning levels.
  • Interactive exercises positively reinforce key concepts.

Helpful Assistance

The How to Use Aware Courseware module explains how to use Aware's computer-based training programs. It is provided with every Courseware product purchase.

  • Audio Coaching and Audio Highlighting provide verbal assistance with an exercise.
  • The Show feature demonstrates how an exercise is completed.
  • Using the Try feature allows the learner to try an exercise several times.
  • A Glossary lists commonly used words and their definitions.
  • Coaching offers feedback, whether the answer provided is correct or incorrect.
  • Each learner can use the product as an online reference once the course is completed.

Why Computer-Based Training?

  • CBT can be delivered via network, intranet, and internet platforms, which provides learners with access to training materials any time and at any location.
  • Costs related to instructor or learner travel, classroom usage, materials, and course distribution are reduced or eliminated when using computer-based training.
  • Learner training time is reduced by 70% which contributes to reduced training cost.
  • Instructional effectiveness is enhanced contributing to learner retention of materials by 20-50% which reduces long-term training costs.

Saves Training Time by Up to 70%

  • Computer-based training is 'just-in-time' training. Learners have access to training at any time, which reduces the time spent arranging classroom instruction and associated travel time.
  • Interactive participation increases motivation and learning enjoyment. This reduces the time spent learning course content.

Enhances Instructional Effectiveness

  • Increased retention is achieved through the use of interactive exercises and effective course delivery.
  • Interactive exercises, exams, and feedback reinforce key concepts.
  • A number of learning styles are accommodated.
  • Consistent instructional delivery is provided.
  • Learners have an online reference to learning materials after training is complete

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