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Computer Modelling Workshops


On Monday evening, optional Computer Modelling Workshop - Practical Model Applications for Risk Assessment and Site Remediation will be held, to demonstrate the application of environmental decision support software, and groundwater and risk assessment modelling tools and the input parameters required to build and calibrate groundwater flow models (DHI Canada, Kitchener, Canada).

Participants will be introduced to various graphical tools for evaluating well capture zones, determining preferred flow and contaminant migration pathways, and optimizing groundwater remediation systems. The workshops will use examples from existing sites in Canada and the U.S. to evaluate risk assessment, natural attenuation, endpoint analysis, three-dimensional groundwater flow, preferred migration and exposure pathways, and the effectiveness of groundwater treatment systems.

On Tuesday evening, EarthSoft, Inc. will discuss the Data Management Multiplier for Environmental Consultants on how EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) provides higher quality data for better decision support and data analysis, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

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