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Confined Space Rescue Technician


This course will cover the confined space requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as amended effective September 30, 2006, and associated regulations, This level represents the minimum capability for organizations which conduct responses to technical search and rescue incidents, and covers identification of hazards, use of equipment, the application of limited advanced techniques specified in applicable standards for coordinating, performing and supervising technical search and rescue incidents. Training may be held at your facility or ours.

Hours of Training: 40 Hours

Course Topics

Site Operations

  1. Identification of needed support resources
  2. Sizing up a rescue incident
  3. Managing incident hazards
  4. Manage Resources in a rescue Incident
  5. Conducting a search
  6. Performing ground support operations relating to use and deployment of helicopters
  7. Terminating the Incident

Victim Management

  • Accessing a victim
  • Assessing a victim
  • Stabilizing the victim
  • Triaging victims
  • Packaging an ill or injured victim
  • Moving a victim in a low-angle environment
  • Transfering a victim to EMS


  • Inspecting and maintaining hazard-specific personal protective equipment
  • Inspecting and maintaining rescue equipment


  • Tying knots, bends, and hitches, with ropes and webbing, so that the knots are dressed, recognizable and backed up as required
  • Constructing a single-point system
  • Constructing a simple rope mechanical advantage system
  • Directing a team in the operation of a simple rope mechanical advantage system
  • Constructing a lowering system
  • Directing a lowering operation
  • Constructing a belay system
  • Operating a belay system during a lowering or raising operation
  • Belay a falling load
  • Conducting a system safety check

Confined Space Specific Requirements

  • Preplanning a confined space incident
  • Assessing the incident
  • Conducting monitoring of the environment
  • Controlling of hazards
  • Preparing for entry into the confined space
  • Entering a Confined Space
  • Using and applying personal protective equipment and rescue-related systems and equipment.
  • Packaging the victim for removal from a confined space
  • Removing all entrants from a confined space
  • Terminating the confined space incident

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