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Controlling Quality in Advanced Optics Manufacturing - Webinar


Performance trends in the optics industry are driving manufacturers to reduce contamination to levels which a component is exposed during manufacturing including cleaning, handling, coating and assembly. Quality control can be compromised through component exposure to particulate and molecular contamination, affecting laser damage thresholds in coatings, yields in nano-optics and LED production, and causing optical defects in high energy UV optics. Advanced optics manufacturing now requires much cleaner environments than were necessary in the past. An overview of particle generation sources, control methods and ISO standards are discussed. The advantages of continuous monitoring with laser particle counters is explained. Multiple examples of particle excursions found and fixed in the optics industry are shown as examples of improvements that can be made.

John Davis

Global Applications Engineering Manager, Electronics Division Particle Measuring Systems

John Davis is the Global Applications Engineering Manager at Particle Measuring Systems. He is responsible for working with customers to provide contamination monitoring solutions. Prior to Particle Measuring Systems, Davis spent multiple years as a product manager of thin film optical coating manufacturing equipment. Mr. Davis has an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.

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