Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA)

Corrosion Control Treatment Optimization Course

Because of new or upcoming regulations, utilities have been changing treatment or adding new chemicals in an effort to meet these requirements. After treatment changes, unintended consequences have occurred where systems that normally do not have corrosion issues are experiencing lead and copper exceedances. This course will focus on the basics of corrosion control treatment optimization and provide the latest information on how to assess your system and avoid these unintended exceedances. It is full of useful images, charts, tables and also has a new look and improved interactivity.

Course Modules:

  1. Lead and Copper Rule - Overview
  2. Primary Water Quality Parameters
  3. Secondary Water Quality Parameters - Part 1
  4. Secondary Water Quality Parameters - Part 2
  5. Corrosion Control Treatment 1 - Passivation - ph Alkalinity Adjustment
  6. Corrosion Control Treatment 2 - Passivation - pH/Alkalinity Adjustment
  7. Corrosion Control Treatment 3 - Passivation - Phosphate
  8. Corrosion Control Operations

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