Association of Water Treatment Professionals and Resource Center, LLC. (AWTP)

CPR/First Aid/AED Safety and Management Course


This course will be taught by a certified American Heart Association Heartsaver trainer.  This course provides a framework for learning basic lifesaving skills that may help a fellow employee, visitor, or any other person that may have an interaction with their utility or organization.  AWTP is dedicated to provide training that may decrease death or disability when an emergency may happen.  With all the hazards that many professionals face each day in a water or wastewater facility, in the distribution system, or a laboratory everyone should have the proper training in case of an emergency.

Course Topics include skills needed to perform basic first aid and CPR, proper usage of an AED, how to recognize and respond to emergencies, and many other skills for emergency situations.

All students who complete and pass this class will receive a 2 year Certification from The American Heart Association.

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