Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA)

Customer Service Inspection and Cross-Connection Control Course

A course for water system service inspectors that introduces the important aspects of the Safe Drinking Water Act and various other federal laws, codes, rules and regulations relating to the prevention of contamination of the public water supplies. Course specifics cover the following: develop an increased awareness of the potential problems and liabilities resulting from cross-connections and lead in water supply systems, explain current legislative and regulatory requirements that must be implemented by water systems, provide specific information about the responsibilities of water system personnel, provide guidance on how to structure and implement an effective water system protection program, and prepare individuals to receive an endorsement to their water system operator's certificate for conducting customer service inspection certifications.

Course Modules:

  1. Cross-Connections and Their Regulation
  2. Cross-Connection Identification
  3. Cross-Connection Control Measures
  4. Lead Control Measures
  5. Program Implementation

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