Customised Training


FLSmidth offers customised training courses designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your cement plant in all its uniqueness. This ensures you maximum value of your investment in training.

FLSmidth offers customised training courses designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your cement plant in all its uniqueness. This is the best way of ensuring that you get maximum value out of your investment in training.

Our customised training programs are flexible solutions designed to address the specific challenges facing the staff at your plant. We take into account the actual processes and machinery in use, pinpoint the areas of development and structure each program with topics relevant to your organization.

We develop customised training programs to help increase awareness and understanding of:

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance practices
  • Proper operating procedures
  • Maintenance and operational safety
  • Training needs analysis by testing of personnel.

Customised training
When FLSmidth prepares a customised training course, we ensure that all key aspects of the course are tailored to your individual needs. These aspects include:

  • Scope: You decide what topics and issues are to be covered, as well as the duration of the course.
  • Theory: We provide the exact amount and type of theoretical background needed to make the most of the practical training.
  • Practical training: This is tailored precisely to your own plant and the scope of the training course.
  • Case studies: These are carefully selected to ensure that they apply to your operations.
  • Materials: We provide expertly developed training materials that reinforce your learning.
  • Language: We can offer training in your native language, either by our instructors speaking the local language or with an interpreter. The training material can also be translated into the language requested.
  • Working culture: We consider more than just the equipment, also tailoring our training to the way you operate your plant.

Value for money
Customised training is often the best solution for plants acquiring new equipment or facing specific challenges with existing lines. Focusing exclusively on the topics agreed between you and FLSmidth, every minute of a customised training course helps you meet the challenges you face. This ensures unparalleled value for money and a very fast return on investment.

Customer satisfaction
FLSmidth conducts customer satisfaction evaluations. And we continue to refine our ability to measure the effect of our training through assessment tools that provide 'before-and-after' evaluation. We aim for, and frequently exceed, a 30 per cent jump in knowledge in our participants. Customer satisfaction is very high – Many companies are so impressed with the benefit that they incorporate customised training as a regular part of their operations.

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