Piccadilly Brainiz Institute of Advanced Business Studies

Customized Business Training Course


You will experience hands-on interactive seminars designed to re-enforce your learning. You will take part in projects that will allow you to expand your horizon and make a real difference in your department.

2 Days
Seminar on the Basics of Project Management - Introductions and refreshers.

6 Days
Principles, Standards and Practices of Project Management (MPM Master Certification Class).

2 Days
Project Management Test Prep (for any general project management evaluation).

2 Days
Effective Project Management for Contractors.

3 Days
Team Leadership Principles for Project Managers (for Lead PMs and other managers and teams).

2 Days
Management refresher course - designed to realign the learner with corporate vision.

2 Days
Change management refresher course - designed to upgrade skill sets necessary to effectively manage change.

2 Days
Leadership and goal setting course.
Ethical leadership and effective follower course

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