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Customized GIS Training


To help you get the most out of your GIS investment, Blue Marble is pleased to offer customized training for your convenience. Blue Marble offers customized training in the form of classroom-based on-site training as well as instructor-led online sessions. The class content can be adapted to meet the specific needs, data types, and output requirements of your company and can be delivered at your location on your schedule.

GIS Training Topics

  • Applied Geodesy
  • The Geographic Calculator
  • Global Mapper
  • LiDAR Module
  • Developer Tool Kits

Applied Geodesy and Geographic Calculator Training

This curriculum focuses on the basics of geodesy and the application of concepts within the Geographic Calculator software. Whether you are working with basic coordinate conversion, file translation, or complex geodetic challenges, knowing how to handle the inevitable complex translation issues that arise is of great benefit. This course is a great introduction or refresher on the principals of geodesy and coordinate transformation. Trouble spots are highlighted and techniques are employed to allow you to make informed decisions and protect the quality of your geospatial data. We leverage our unique approach to GIS software training to provide you with the fundamental concepts and skills necessary for successful, accurate, and reliable map data translation.

Global Mapper Training

This curriculum focuses on learning about and utilizing the principle features of Global Mapper. Employing a hands-on approach, this three-day class will cover the key elements of the software including interface navigation, feature creation, cartographic rendering, 3D modelling and analysis, and data processing. The knowledge gained from this curriculum will empower you to leverage the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to operate Global Mapper at all levels, and we can even certify you as a Global Mapper trained professional.

LiDAR Module Training

This customizable class introduces the LiDAR capabilities that are enabled with the activation of the optional Global Mapper LiDAR Module. Following a series of simulated workflows, this class includes all aspects of LiDAR management and processing from filtering and editing point cloud files to surface or terrain modelling and vector extraction. The class also introduces some of the key terrain analysis tools in the software including volume calculation and change detection.

A custom class can be developed that includes content from both the Global Mapper curriculum and the LiDAR Module class.

Developer Tool Training

Developer tool training is available on a custom engagement basis. Blue Marble developer tool training has been utilized by some of the world's largest companies and includes instruction on how best to implement Blue Marble software developer tools, custom sample code, project management, shortcuts and tips for coding with Blue Marble software. Some developers have also request geodesy training along with their SDK training and the courses have been customized to meet those needs.

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