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Customized Training


Fusion is a Learning Management System (LMS) that was designed to provide customized web-based training for small to medium sized organizations at a reasonable cost. McHaney & Associates partnered with Pentad Systems to build Fusion Solutions, LLC. This system was reverse engineered by professional trainers and supervisors rather than software engineers. That’s why it will work for you.

  • Professional narration
  • Multi-lingual content
  • Ability to create on-line tests
  • Hosting your training needs
  • Electronic recordkeeping 24/7
  • Quick turn around

  • Clear well timed delivery 
  • Provide standard and equal training for all employees
  • Knowledge verification (you set pass/fail levels) 
  • Secure server 
  • No lost training records 
  • Lessons ready in days, not months

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