TYC GIS Integrated Solutions

Development of Web Based GIS Applications using Open Layers and Leaflet – Online GIS Training

The course offers a complete introduction to web programming for GIS applications. You will learn how to develop web mapping applications and share your spatial data information to the rest of the world. The training material its focused on the latest open access tools, which minimize the development costs, providing the same performance and integration as the main commercial solutions. During the course, the student will learn through a series of guided exercises, how to develop a map viewer from scratch and how to handle and loading different types of data, available on the web or created by them. As only free and open source development tools are used, the learning process being accessible for everyone.


Enrolled students in this online course will have access to our virtual e-learning platform (which is available 24 hours), where they will find the content of the course, practical exercises, forum discussion and additional content. One of the advantages of this online platform, is that students can benefit of real time support and assistance offered by the instructor (2 hours per week), whom they can contact via direct messages, regarding course related issues, at any moment. They can also contact the instructor via email.

At the end of the course the students will acquire enough information that will allow them to develop and manage their own Web GIS infrastructure along with their applications. From the implementation of a map server, to the development of cartographic viewers with different purposes, this course will provide all the necessary skills for manage the best online mapping tools for web developers.

  • Offer an overview about Web GIS mapping applications, a practice in a continuous expanding.
  • Learn about the most popular open source tools used in Web GIS development: Open Layers and Leaflet.
  • Gain the necessary programming skills for the development of Web GIS applications.
  • Manage a map server in order to create your own services for accessing geographic data.
  • Acquire knowledge about spatial databases, how they store information and how you can access it for your own Web GIS applications.