TYC GIS Integrated Solutions

Development of Web Based GIS Applications using QGIS and OpenGeo Suite – Online GIS Training

The course will introduce the student to the extensive OpenGeo Suite, a complex web mapping solution. The students will gain knowledge in the most important open source key tools like: QGIS, OpenGeosuite, GeoServer, PostGIS, GeoWEB and OpenLayers, tools that will easily allow the development of map viewers and different web applications. Mastering these techniques (developing web GIS applications that runs on web GIS servers), they will be able to share their work on the web, generating high quality mapping products, for a better performance and visibility. The students will get familiar with the Management of Relational Databases Systems (RDBMS), the use of QGIS and other open source web mapping tools, that will allow the development of web GIS based applications and their distribution online without any need for paid subscriptions or licenses.