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DNV GL Accreditation (NIAHO) Course



DNV GL Accreditation is a basic course designed to train Healthcare professionals in the principles and requirements of DNV GL Healthcare’s approach to hospital accreditation. This course is taught in a manner compatible with the ISO 9001 Standards & the NIAHO® Requirements.

This 3-day DNV GL Accreditation course is a Healthcare specific course, focused on the hospital and healthcare setting. This course is designed to teach healthcare professionals the principles and practices of both sets of standards required for NIAHO® Accreditation.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone needing to relate & apply the NIAHO® Accreditation Requirements to their organization. No prior knowledge of DNV GL Healthcare’s Accreditation platform, Quality Management Systems, NIAHO® or ISO 9001 is expected prior to attending this course.

Course Highlights:

  • Basics of ISO 9001:2008 Standards
  • Basics of NIAHO® Requirements
  • Alignment of ISO and NIAHO®
  • DNV GL Healthcare Accreditation Survey
  • Accreditation Reporting and Follow-up

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