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DOT Training

Well-trained personnel are the best defense against workplace accidents, injuries and potential lawsuits. There are also mandated training requirements for private business and public entities, including Department of Transportation (DOT) training. Summarily, the DOT requires training for any employee who will be handling, transporting, preparing for transport, or even preparing paperwork of hazardous material shipments (49 CFR 172.700).

We will tailor our training to your facility and your unique requirements.

Echelon Environmental provides engaging training that encourages designated employees to take safety seriously. We train employees to recognize and safely handle hazardous materials, equipment and emergency situations. Each training session is tailored to your facility and your circumstances. Our programs address:

  • DOT Hazmat Employees. All employees who perform any function related to hazardous materials transportation are required by mandate to be trained. We cover the core, salient requirements of 49 CFR subpart H, tailoring the sessions to the activities your HazMat employees engage in, and the imperatives your company has for safe HazMat transport.
  • Function-Specific and Transport Emergency. An integral part of our HazMat employee training is the function specific training, whereby we customize our training sessions and substance to the job functions performed by the employees. Every time a hazardous material package is handled there is some risk of spills and exposure, so we teach your employees to recognize an emergency and respond in the most effective fashion.
  • DOT HazMat Managers. Managers who are responsible for hazmat shipments require more in-depth training than is required by mandate. We customize this training to assure that HazMat managers have broad and deep knowledge about material classification, labeling requirements, package selection, selection of basic shipping descriptions and more.

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