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Drinking Water Safety Plans & Drinking Water Quality Management Training


The training has been developed to impart the necessary knowledge and essential skills to carry out risk assessments of raw water treatment facilities and drinking water infrastructure (Transport & Storage) and to install drinking water safety plans.

The courses are suitable for the following roles

  • Water engineers
  • Water treatment plant operators,
  • Water facilities managers
  • Drinking water facilities supervisors

Depending on course duration and depth, a selection of the following topics will be developed:

  • Basis for WSP’s/Preventive measures
  • WSP team composition
  • Legal requirements/Codes of Practice and Guidance
  • The water supply system
  • Hazard identification (including Pathogens, chemicals, radioactivity, organoleptic parameters)
  • Controls required/barriers required to reduce the risk
  • Function of each barrier
  • Validation of control measures
  • The role of designers and bases for good design
  • The role of PM’s
  • Data and KPI’s
  • Communication
  • Management and Training
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Reviews

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