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e-Stewards Version 1.0 Auditor Certification Course


This course trains ISO 14001 Lead Auditors to become qualified to conduct e-Stewards v1.0 Certification audits for a recognized e-Stewards Certification Body. With high demand for trusted electronic recyclers disposing our personal electronic items such as cell phones, computers and TV’s, consumers need to be assured that those recyclers uphold the requirements of their e-Stewards certification. With this course, we’ll help you gain the certification to conduct e-Stewards audits to version 1.0 of the standard for recognized e-Stewards Certification Bodies.

Designed for ISO 14001 lead auditors, our course instructor will discuss auditing techniques and requirements needed to audit to the e-Stewards v1.0 standard. Analysis of the current e-waste crisis as well as the structure and scope of the e-Stewards standard and how it relates to ISO 14001 will be discussed.

  • ISO 14001 certified lead auditor
  • Familiar with ISO 14001 (essential)
  • Familiar with OHSAS systems (desirable)
  • Familiar with SA8000 (desirable)

Qualified ISO 14001 auditors wishing to become certified to audit the e-Stewards Standard version 1.0.

  • The Training will provide information and interactive workshops on the following topics:
  • Overview of the e-Waste Problem - Introduction to the Basel Convention, and the Basel Action Network
  • e-Waste Industry primer
  • Overview of the foundation and structure of the e-Stewards Standard v1.0
  • Introduction to the e-Steward Standard, providing an introduction to e-Waste specific issues
  • e-Steward Standard v1.0reporting requirements
  • The Importance of auditing and verification for this sector

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