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Electrical Sensors

In this course, students will discuss various types of sensors used on modern drilling rigs, and learn how and why they need to be calibrated.  Time will be spent on sensor terminology and characteristics.  We will do hands on training by hooking up a typical encoder to an oscilloscope and view the output waveforms.  The students will also learn by assembling a circuit using our industrial trainers, how sensors send signals to PLC’s where the inputs are interpreted and sent to outputs.  

All individuals responsible for the installation and maintenance of the various rig electrical sensors


  • Understand the typical sensors used in the drilling field
  • Describe the different types of sensors and how they work
  • Demonstrate what ISB’s are and why they are used
  • Explain how to calibrate different types of sensors
  • Describe the general differences of the most used communication signals
  • Explain how encoders work and how their output is used
  • Demonstrate how load cells are used to measure hook load
  • Demonstrate how a PLC works and how it controls outputs based on its inputs
  • Build a circuit using sensors and a PLC to determine an output


  • Temp sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Encoders
  • Load cells
  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers
  • Calibration requirements
  • Types of sensor communication signals
  • What PLC’s are and how they work

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