Emergency Preparedness and Response Training



Emergency Response plans have no added value unless being implemented by means of training of personnel and tested through exercising the organisation and its procedures.


AdviSafe can offer various information sessions, workshops and tailor-made courses on Emergency Response. These educational activities can take place on an operational, tactical and strategic level and are mainly executed in-house.


During training sessions the participants are given coaching and guidance to ensure the optimal level of preparation in their role and responsible tasks in the Emergency Response organisation. AdviSafe has experience in a wide range of training methods:

  • Training of individual roles (e.g. Incident Commanders, HSE Coordinators, Log Keepers);
  • Training of Emergency Response Teams (effectively acting as a crisis team);
  • Training more specifically on topics like Oil Pollution or Crisis Communications.


Exercises focus on improving competencies by experiencing a simulated incident in a safe learning environment. In this way participants get the chance to actually apply their recently gained knowledge and skills to a realistic scenario. In this setting the trainer will move a step backwards with regards to the guidance of the participants and let them learn from their own experiences. Experience based learning can prove very effective. Exercises can also be used to test the effectiveness of the Emergency Response organisation and plans.

The exercises performed by Advise will reflect reality as closely as possible. Realistic and recognisable scenarios will be used and a simulated environment will be created by means of actual communications and interaction with a response cell made up of role players. All this will make the exercise very challenging for the participants and improve the number of lessons learned, as well as improving motivation.

Depending on the type of organisation and the specific needs of the client, various exercise objectives can be defined, for example to: increase awareness, develop competencies, improve teamwork, test plans and procedures, or test the readiness of personnel.

Further more

AdviSafe trainers have a no-nonsense approach, possess practical experience in the oil & gas industry and the maritime sector and have a professional background in order to provide solid work-related training programs.

The education and training activities mainly take place in-house but AdviSafe can also provide facilities at one of its offices in Den Helder or Aberdeen. Exercises are usually executed at the client’s normal working location according to the ‘train as you fight’ principle. All activities are tailor-made to the client’s requirements and needs.

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