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Confined Space: Every employee who participates in a confined space entry project must have the understanding, knowledge, and skill necessary for the safe performance of duties assigned for the confined space entry, as part of the employee’s safety training. Supervisors are responsible to see that each of their employees has been provided the appropriate safety training as defined in OSHA 1910.146.

The OSHA chemical awareness training requirements presented under HAZCOM (Hazard Communication Standard) is found in 29 CFR 1910.1200.  This regulation requires that all employees be informed of the hazards of all chemicals utilized at the facility.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out, or 'LOTO', is the second most cited OSHA regulation violation. The primary regulations are OSHA §1910.147 Lock-Out/Tag-Out, §1910.269 for Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution and §1910.268 for Telecommunications. These rules require that all energy sources be turned off and either locked out or tagged out while service or maintenance work is being performed.

Respiratory Protection
The purpose of a respiratory protection program is to provide guidelines for the use of respirators, including the major types, proper use, limitations of, maintenance, physical requirements, and training required by 29 CFR 1910.134.  This program applies to all employees who are qualified and required to wear respirators during a response to an emergency where the employee could be exposed to respiratory hazards.

RCRA/Contingency Plan
Large quantity generators are required to train employees who handle chemical wastes in safe methods for handling wastes, risks associated with chemical exposure, correct use of protective equipment, and emergency response requirements.  This training is required by 40 CFR 265.16 and 265.50.

40 CFR 112 requires that appropriate facility personnel be trained in proper spill response and handling procedures related to oil storage and handling activities.

Storm Water     
The EPA Multi-Sector Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities requires that facilities train members of the Pollution Prevention Team in best management practices, spill control, and other storm water management activities. 

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