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The appointment of environmental representatives or champions is the first step for many companies in the development of an environmental management system. Cambio has developed a 1-day interactive workshop that focuses on the knowledge and people skills that such champions need, both as individuals and a group, to be effective in raising awareness and motivation levels in the wider workforce.

Although this course is normally tailored to suit the organisation the following key topic areas are often included :

  • Environmental drivers, benefits, costs & threats
  • Control and improvement strategies
  • People as the basis for environmental improvement
  • Planning for improved environmental performance
  • Communication skills - getting the message across
  • Motivating others - innovation through participation
  • Development of a priority based action plan
  • Overcoming the obstacles - dealing with resistance to change

This course is, by design, an in-house training and planning workshop for the EMS team. A high degree of delegate participation is encouraged. The target outcomes are :

  • Increased individual awareness
  • Group consensus on priorities and immediate actions
  • The development of a team working ethos within the EMS group

Who should attend?

Nominated individuals or volunteers from across the organisation who have agreed to become involved in promoting environmental issues within their work areas. Typically core environmental personnel are also involved.

Delivery format and costs

Workshop costs vary somewhat depending on the degree of customisation required. However, typically the 1 day programme will cost £950+VAT for up to 14 participants. Basic price includes all course materials and delivery but excludes provision of training venue and trainer travel and accommodation costs. For a quotation customised to your needs.

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