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The following list of web sites includes organizations that provide information on EIA training, or on learning resources such as “how to” guidance. The list emphasizes governmental organizations, project sponsors, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations with an international base. Individual training courses are identified separately; see the Training Course Database.

The links below are to regional centers and other entities that have a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Environment Program. Most of these organizations are involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and many provide EIA training.

  • AIDEnvironment is a not-for-profit consultancy located in the Netherlands. Among other activities, they provide training on subjects related to Strategic Environmental Assessment and Integrated Assessment. For information in English or Spanish, see [See also the general web-site for AIDEnvironment:]
  • CIEL, the Center for International Environmental Law, is a public interest, not-for profit environmental law firm with headquarters in Washington D.C. They have partnered with UNEP to provide EIA-related training throughout the world, with an emphasis on environmental law. Their contact is:
  • CITET, the acronym in French for the Tunis Center for Environmental Technologies (located in Tunisia) hosts the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Environmental Impact Assessment and provides technical support and training in the field of EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment for 14 countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Their training activities utilize the UNEP Training Resource Manual. Their web site (with both French and English versions) is: The most complete English-language discussion of their EIA programs is found at
  • CSIR is a South African organization, committed to providing technology and information to support sustainable development and economic growth in the context of national and regional priorities. See CSIR training website for specific EIA and SEA training courses.
  • KEI, the Korean Environment Institute, is in the process of undertaking an EIA training course targeted towards the Northeast Asian countries, using a training manual based on the UNEP Training Resource Manual. The English-language version of their web-site is
  • REC (the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe) is headquartered in Hungary and operates a network of 16 country and field offices in all countries of the region. Information on REC can be obtained at
  • sment/. REC has adapted the UNEP Training Resource Manual for EIA training needs in Southern and Eastern Europe. A link to download this Manual is provided on IAIA's Training page in the section 'Other Manuals and Reports': see 'EIA Training Resource Manual for Southeastern Europe.' See also
  • sment/EIAActivities.html.
  • SAIEA (the Southern Africa Institute for Environmental Assessment) is customizing the UNEP Training Manual in support of EA training and capacity building in its region. At this time, information on specific training courses is available from CSIR website (see CSIR link above).
  • IAIA has identified other organizations with ties to UNEP, and will add information on them to this web site as that information becomes available. These organizations include:
    • Agence International pour le Developpement de l’Information Environnemental (Gabon)
    • Asian Institute of Technology (AIT; Thailand)
    • Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigación y Ensenanza (CATIE; Costa Rica)
    • Central-American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD; El Salvador)
    • Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
    • McGill University (Montreal, Canada)
    • World Wildlife Federation (Switzerland)

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