The National Environment Agency (NEA)

The National Environment Agency (NEA)

Environmental Training


The National Environment Agency (NEA) offers environmental training to NEA staff, government officials, businesses and the public through the Singapore Environment Institute (SEI). Courses range from professional programmes for businesses, to general environmental awareness courses for the general public.

For the public, the Programme for Environmental Experiential Learning (PEEL) is a unique and interactive way to learn more about environmental management in Singapore. PEEL consists of a series of six site tours and visits to environmental facilities around Singapore that will give you a deeper understanding of Singapore’s environmental issues and how the country is kept clean and green. The six topics covered are:

  • Clean Land
  • Clean Air
  • Clean Water
  • Public Health
  • Climate Change
  • Recycling

For businesses, SEI runs a number of professional courses covering the following topics:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Vector Management
  • Pollution Management
  • Resource Conservation
  • Public Sanitation Control
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sustainable Development
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Environmental Governance
  • Swimming Pool Management
  • Urban Environmental Management
  • Laser and Ionising Radiation Safety
  • Meteorology and Weather Information
  • Environmental Public Health Management

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