EPA Compliance Training & Consulting


EPA Onsite Training: With increasing EPA enforcement of regulations including MACT regulations, on-site EPA compliance training is one of the most important and most commonly purchased FilterSense services. Several categories of support are offered for small and larger groups. Training classes range from basic compliance overview sessions to detailed product training, data analysis, regulation review, and strategies. Our objective is to be your partner in proactive and cost-effective adherence to EPA compliance.

Basic EPA Training

This training provides an overview of the regulation and how the products and installation relate to the rule or standard.

Quality Assurance Procedure Training

This training includes a complete review of required or recommended quality assurance procedures such as those found in the EPA Fabric Filter Leak Detection Guidance, ASTM standard for particulate monitors or other standards. Classroom training can be followed by hands on execution of QA procedures.

MACT Alarm Set Point Analysis & Strategies

The application of fabric filter leak detection systems in a compliance setting can be challenging. The MACT Alarm Set Point course provides an overview of the key techniques used to analyze and interpret the widely dynamic nature of particle emission monitor signals from fabric filters, especially multi-compartment baghouses. This service also provides strategies and examples on how to set alarms that are not too low or too high and that are within regulatory requirements.

Quarterly EPA Maintenance Contracts

This service provides a quarterly on-site visit to verify instrument calibration, QA response testing, reporting software function, and historical data logging.

EPA Data Collection & Reporting

With EPA enforcement sharply increasing, efficient and dependable data collection is a must for compliance applications. FilterSense can resolve data collection and integration requirements as a standalone project for third party equipment or as part of a FilterSense software purchase. FilterSense experience covers HMI/SCADA, PLCs, OPC, industrial databases, web based solutions and process to management reporting. The following services for EPA compliance data and reporting are available:

  • Software installation
  • Database integration
  • Report customization
  • Ongoing support contracts

MACT Operating Plan Review/Development

For fabric filters and entire associated processes, FilterSense can provide a complete MACT O&M plan or can review a plan written by the plant or a third party. Our approach focuses on reducing labor and automating data collection while balancing plant operating needs with compliance regulations.

  • O&M plan development
  • O&M plan review

General EPA Consultation

The following general EPA consulting services are available upon request.

Pre-Project EPA Compliance Analysis and Recommendations

A stand-alone service purchased before product procurement to assess existing EPA regulation compliance, existing equipment and software, and to make recommendations on FilterSense products.

Project Consulting

Consulting purchased in conjunction with FilterSense product procurements for applications such as MACT compliance. FilterSense can assume total responsibility for the implementation of fabric filter process compliance.

Post-Installation Consulting

Typical post-installation consulting includes emission/alarm event evaluation, reviewing changes to a regulation, and plant or process expansion plans. This can include discussions with local EPA representatives.

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