EPA Method 1 - Isokinetic Air Emission Testing Training Course



Isokinetic air emission sampling has been employed since the 1950’s to measure air pollutants such as particulate matter, aerosols, dusts, mists and smoke in flue gases from stack and ducts. EPA Methods 1-4 provide all the necessary data to perform any of the isokinetic sampling methods published by the Environmental Protection Agency and other isokinetic methods developed by other institutions. Each isokinetic method is specific to the target pollutant with variations to the sampling train to accommodate the target pollutant.

The equations, techniques, and skills are universal in the operation of isokinetic sampling. In addition to the course, EPA Method 1 Field Procedures are included to assist the user in the field.

Course Fee: $ 50

This course is intended for individuals who participate in the measurement of air pollutants in stacks and ducts using isokinetic sampling methods.

  • sampling technicians
  • consultants & contractors
  • regulators
  • facility personnel

We assume that participants in this course have basic knowledge of general chemistry concepts.

  • Introduction
  • Sample and Velocity Traverses for Stationary Sources
  • Sampling Site Criteria
  • Sampling Point Criteria
  • Cross-sectional Layout and Location of Traverse Points
  • Location of Points in Circular Stacks or Ducts
  • Location of Points/Sample Port in Rectangular or Square Stack or Ducts

The overall objective of this course is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the concepts, equipment, procedures, and calculations required to perform EPA Method 1. The participant should use the EPA Method 1 Field Procedures to determine an acceptable sampling location and ascertain the number of sample points for representative isokinetic sampling.

Kevin Kitchen

Mr. Kitchen has been providing environmental services since 1987. His experience with many different industries brings a depth of knowledge and unique talents to handle challenging projects. Mr. Kitchen is a Qualified Source Testing Individual having completed levels I, II, III, and IV. Recognizing a need for practical instruction as air emission testing expands to more geographical areas, Mr. Kitchen developed this course to orient individuals in the procedures and techniques of air emission testing.

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