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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the rules and regulations that protect, preserve, and clean up the air, waterways, and land of the United States. If you generate, transport, treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste you will also need to be in compliance with federal EPA regulations. These regulations mandate employee training under certain circumstances. It’s simple – well-trained employees work more efficiently and in a safer manner.

Our training programs will assure that you are covered.

We can fulfill the many training requirements of the EPA, such as those required to handle or work with or near hazardous waste and certain hazardous substances. And we look at training as more than a requirement. It’s the right thing to do for your employees to protect themselves, your facility and the environment. Our core training programs address:

  • Hazardous Waste Workers and Managers. Small quantity and large quantity generators are required to have training for workers who are involved in hazardous waste operations. We will ensure that they have the training to handle wastes safely and effectively and access to the right equipment when it is needed. Customized HAZWOPER training is our specialty.
  • Contingency Plans and Spill Response. Spills are inevitable – you never know when and where they happen. Without planning and training, the response can make matters worse. Our training assures that only trained employees respond to spills, and that they have equipment on hand and in proximity. We conduct exercises to prepare them to respond to different scenarios, and equally importantly, to know when to back out if the situation is beyond their capabilities and secure outside help.
  • Satellite Accumulation Point Operators. South Carolina regulations require operators of hazardous waste satellite accumulation points to receive training specific to their tasks. This requirement is above and beyond the federal regulations for waste storage and handling. We will make sure there are no packaging errors or waste mixing errors by training these employees to perform these tasks correctly.

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