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Displaying Continuous Data: Alternative ways to display continuous borings or CPT data such as MIP using C Tech’s MVS Plotting data as lines beside individual borings.

Projecting Water Tables to 2D Cross Sections
Demonstrating the methodology for projecting water table elevations onto 2D cross-sections

Determining Post surf_cut Layer Thickness
The process for determining the true thickness of a geologic layer following the use of the MVS surf_cut module to cut away a portion of the layer. This is applicable to water tables, excavations, etc.

3D Fence Diagrams Projected to 2D (Part 1)
Creating 3D fences and projected them to a 2D cross-section based on their path

3D Fence Diagrams Projected to 2D in (Part 2 ArcMap)
Exporting the projected 2D fences (created above) for use in ArcMap

Time Domain Animation of Surface Data
The preparation of data and EVS-MVS applications to perform animation of time domain surface data such as water tables and ground subsidence

Load & Save EVS Fields
Using the Load EVS Field and Save EVS Field modules. Why these modules are extremely important as a time-saving tool and to archive any project results, especially those involving government reporting and litigation.

Using Make Geo Hierarchy in EVS
How to use the EVS Make Geo Hierarchy module to convert lithology (3D boring logs) into 3D stratigraphic models. EnterVol users can run EVS-PRO or MVS in Demo mode but still read their own PGF files to build .GEO and/or .GMF files for creating stratigraphic models in EnterVol Geology.

Creating Arrays of Slices
How to create arrays of slices vs. using multiple slice modules, each of which creates only a single slice. We’ll demonstrate a method to create any number of parallel slices perpendicular to the x and/or y axes.

Volume Rendering with Array of Slices
The array of slices Tip and Trick is enhanced using the merge_fields and adjust_transparency modules to create a volume rendering effect that is compatible with all types of EVS and MVS grids.

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