DOWCAR Environmental Management, Inc.

- Cold Weather Oil Spill Response Course


The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 - Cold Weather Compliance - 3 Days/24 Hours. This Course teaches the 'Basic Skills' required to Properly Plan For, Respond To, and Clean Up Oil/Petroleum Products Spills in the Most Adverse Weather Conditions - Extreme Cold Weather Environments. Emphasis is placed on Cold Weather Personal Protective Clothing, Response Strategies and Techniques to be Utilized in the Proper Selection of Response Equipment and Manpower for Oil Spill Containment, Recovery and Cleanup in Snow and Ice Environments. 24 Hours of Classroom Instruction and 'Hands-on' Ice and Snow Field Exercises are conducted over 3 Days. Field Exercises include various Ice Slotting Techniques, Surface Removal Techniques and Cold Weather Decontamination Procedures. This Course is offered as both an Open Enrollment and Company Specific Course.

  • Cold and Frozen Water Oil Spills
  • Cold Weather Oil Spill Response PPE
  • Ice Characteristics
  • Source Containment Techniques
  • Moving Ice - Spill Response Containment
  • In situ Burning - Ice and Snow Applications
  • Surface and Subsurface Oil Removal
  • Spill Trajectory Analysis - Ice and Snow
  • Decontamination - Cold Weather Operations

  • Ice Slotting Exercises
  • Ice/Snow Decontamination
  • Surface Removal Techniques (Skimmers, Augers, Chainsaws)

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