Facilitation Skills For Environmental Professionals


This two-day course provides a core program of theory, discussion and practice designed to devlop attendees' basic and more advanced facilitation skills.

Why doesn’t everyone think like me?

Different meetings for different needs

Roles and Responsibilities -
Who wears what hat?

Planning Meetings
Assessing needs, objectives, and purpose

Process and Content
The two parts of effective meetings

Logistical Considerations
The right room, the right set up

Basic Facilitator Skills
Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
Maintaining rapport
Framing, reframing, and paraphrasing
Managing personal states of beingBasic Facilitation Processes and Their Use
Use the right process
Ground rules
Open participation
Presenting information
Collecting information
Analyzing information
Decision making
Closing the meeting

A Facilitator’s Tool Kit
Tools that make meetings better and easier

Managing Group Dynamics
Tracking and assessing audience needs

Skills Practice and Feedback
Creating a safe place to explore

Discussion on Challenges
How to prevent or deal with problems

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