Maritime Protective Services, Inc.

Maritime Protective Services, Inc.

Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties Course



This one-day course prepares facility security personnel to carry out their security duties effectively. The courses provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills and fully meet the training requirements established both in the MTSA implementing regulations, section 105.210 or section 106.215 of 33 Code of Federal Regulations, and in section B18.2 of the ISPS Code.

The course combines up-to-date threat information, accurate regulatory provisions (including the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) regulations), and effective security practices. The instructional methodologies used in the course include lectures, interactive activities, group exercises, multimedia presentations, and knowledge assessment.

Successful completion of the course will result in a certificate of completion and the award of .8 Continuing Education Units from Florida Institute of Technology.

With advance access to your Facility Security Plan, it is possible to tailor this course to your facility using aspects of your operations and/or your Facility Security Plan. The training effect of the course can be enhanced by conducting a drill or “hard security challenge” in conjunction with it.

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