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Fall Protection - Elevated Work Safety

Fatal falls, slips, or trips took the lives of 668 U.S. workers in 2012. Falls to a lower level accounted for 544 or about 81% of those fatalities. Of those cases, about 1 in 4 fatalities occurred after a fall of 10 feet or less. Another one-fourth of the fatal fall cases occurred from falls of over 30 feet. Don't become a statistic! Per OSHA, construction employers must protect their employees from fall hazards & falling objects whenever an affected employee is 6 feet (1.8 meters) or more above a lower level. The Fall Protection course covers both Fall Protection & Fall Prevention topics. This training course is 'Competent Person Level' and meets OSHA's training requirements found under 29 CFR 1926 500 Subpart M. For more information or to reserve your seat, call 303-360-9801. The Fall Protection training can also be done onsite with 5 or more participants. Call our office, 303-360-9801, for dates and pricing.

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