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Florida Statewide Wetland Delineation Training (62-340 FAC)


This course is a follow-up to our Wetland Delineation and Management Training Class and addresses the protocols used by Water Management Districts, Department of Environmental Protection, and Counties in Florida, specificall.

  • Introduction to the Statewide method
  • Wetland delineation history
  • Definitions of strata
  • Stratum measurement procedures
  • Selecting appropriate stratum
  • Protocol for combining strata or shifting strata
  • 'a' and 'b' vegetation testing
  • Hydrology indicators
  • Field determination of saturation
  • Capillary fringe
  • Relationship between saturation & capillary fringe
  • Saturation and Inundation wetland hydrology requirements
  • 'Aufwuchs' definition
  • Aquatic fauna
  • Morphologic adaptations
  • Field examples of soil profiling
  • Overview of soil taxonomy
  • Application of 'c1' test
  • Application of 'c2' test
  • Identifying the seven prima facie soil great groups
  • Introduction to hydric soils
  • Field identification of hydric soils
  • Proper usage of the Munsell chart
  • Interpreting a soil survey
  • Field examples of hydric sandy soils
  • Field examples of histosols
  • Field examples of hydric mineral soils
  • Oxidized root channels
  • Use of 2' 2' dipyridil
  • Soil hydrogeochemistry processes
  • Oxidation / reduction processes
  • Soil colors
  • How to dig a soil pit
  • How to test for saturation
  • Wetland exemptions
  • Field exercises (8 hours)
  • Review
  • Question and answer period

By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Be able to select the appropriate stratum
  • Determine if a site passes the vegetation requirements of the 'a' and 'b' tests
  • Determine if a site satisfies the hydric soils criteria
  • Determine if a site satisfies the hydrology criteria
  • Apply the 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd' tests
  • Determine what is a pine flatwood is and when it is not a wetland
  • Determine what sites have depressional or frequently flooded map units for the 'c' test
  • Determine what sites have taxonomic great groups that pass the 'c' test
  • Determine if a site is not a wetland even if it passes the 'a', 'b', 'c', or 'd' tests

  • 1 Day: Classroom lecture and group discussion
  • 1 Day: Field exercises to determine jurisdiction and wetland boundaries of selected reference wetlands

The prerequisite for this course is one of the following:

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