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FlowCam Remote Learning Sessions Training


FlowCam and Visual Spreadsheet Refresher Training for Customers. Most customers choose onsite customized training when they initially purchase a FlowCam.  It's important to make sure your employees know how to use the FlowCam and are getting the best results they possibly can.

Employees move around, some leave, new ones are hired.  How do you keep your team up to date with the latest FlowCam technologies and best practices?  We'd like to help solve your knowledge gap.

We are now offering a new personalized training option to help ensure your staff is receiving the proper support and is able to get the best possible results with your FlowCam.

Your basic one-hour remote learning session will include:

  • Review of instrument set up
  • Walkthrough sample analysis
  • Data manipulation exercises

Plus, we are happy to tailor the agenda to include specific topics that you would like to cover, so that we meet all your training goals.

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