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Free Self-Paced Online Training Course


This self-paced online GoldSim Training Course covers all the key features of GoldSim required for you to start building complex models. Although the Course was primarily designed for those who are new to GoldSim, existing GoldSim users are also likely to find many parts of the Course to be of value. When an introductory GoldSim course is taught in person, it typically requires two (intensive) days (16 hours). However, this course actually covers the material in significantly greater detail, so it will likely take up to three or four days to complete. The course is organized into Units and Lessons, so you can easily take the course at your own pace (and if you register, the site will remember where you left off).

This is a “hands-on” course. That is, while you are taking it, you are expected to simultaneously use the software (i.e., with this Course on one side of the screen and GoldSim on the other). Throughout the course, we use almost 60 simple Exercises and Examples to help you learn how to use the software. Moreover, the course is linked throughout to a web-based version of the Help system, so you can immediately dive into reference documentation to explore any topic in more detail.

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