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Full Day Managing Within the Law Training



Managing Within the Law leads to lower employee turnover, and therefore higher customer satisfaction, which in turn drives profits. Good managers determine if people stay or go. This program teaches managers to live the company’s values, build consistency and trust across managers’ teams, develop and practice effective communication, and create a respectful workplace for all.

Who should attend: executives, managers, supervisors, leads

Participants will learn:

  • How Company Values Drive Decisions
  • The Four Key Management Concepts
    1. Be consistent
    2. Have a legitimate business reason for decisions
    3. Document: importance, electronic files, how to write it, what to share and when
    4. Call the experts: your management, HR and legal team
  • Effective Performance Management
    • – Treat employees fairly: good reason, progressive discipline, performance appraisals
    • – Setting expectations and coaching
    • – Keep your promises: policies, handbooks, oral promises
    • – Respect whistle-blowing
  • Preventing Discrimination
    • – Stereotyping, glass ceilings, reasonable accommodation
    • – Hiring: behavior-based interviewing, illegal questions, references policy
    • – Protected characteristics
  • Understanding Harassment
    • – Recognizing harassment and bullying
    • – Address unconscious bias and microaggressions in the workplace
    • – The elements of illegal harassment/hostile environment
    • – Manager’s responsibility to prevent and respond to bullying, harassment and retaliation
    • – The platinum rule for avoiding harassment

This classroom training is updated annually and includes your organization’s policies and procedures, small group discussions, video vignettes, skill building exercises, extensive Q &A and case studies based on actual legal cases. Our instructors are seasoned attorneys and highly engaging facilitators who use personal stories and appropriate humor to make these topics come alive! This workshop Get Started with Managing Within the Law Classroom Training is designed for a national audience and is compliant with CA, CT and ME harassment laws.

Length: One day

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