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GD&T Course for Inspectors/CMM Programmers


This three-day course is an advanced GD&T course designed specifically for those who must operate, program, or interpret the output of measuring devices.


  1. Review the concepts of the Y14.5 standard
  2. Expand the participants’ knowledge of the concepts and the language of the Y14.5 standard as it pertains to inspection.
  3. Gain confidence in using the Y14.5 standard.
  4. Recognize measurement software, hardware, and measurement philosophy strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Develop work-arounds to overcome measurement devices weaknesses.

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If you are responsible for inspecting, this course is for you. This program is a continuation of your education in the Y14.5 standard. In this program, we focus on the application and interpretation of GD&T as it pertains to measurement devices.

Program Outline

The program begins with a review of GD&T, then continues with practical evaluation of CMM measurement philosophy and capabilities, as well as its pitfalls. The subject matter covered is (as a minimum):

  • Introduction – Objectives, review GD&T.
  • CMM operation – concepts, philosophy, practice, and misconceptions
  • CMM software – what is being calculated per the ASME/ANSI Y14.5 standard and what is not
  • Datum features of size.
  • Review of the Datum at Virtual Condition Rule
  • Work-arounds for the shortcomings
  • Review of actual prints (participant and instructor supplied) including actually measuring on the CMM.
Who Should Attend

This program is designed for anyone who is responsible for operating, programming, or interpreting the results from a measuring device. It is not specific to any particular CMM software package or device manufacturer. You’ll receive FREE course materials, to which you will refer often!

Prerequisites: A strong working knowledge of GD&T and measuring techniques. Fundamentals of GD&T is suggested or instructor permission.

At AGI we are particularly concerned that the individuals that we teach actually retain that which we and their companies have worked so hard to present. This concern is precisely why we offer, for each participant of any AGI seminar, access to a senior consultant (usually the instructor of the course) who will be available to answer any follow on questions after the course via telephone or fax.

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