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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects


ENC's course intitled 'ISO/14064-2 Essential principles for Greenhouse gas Reduction projects' familiarises organisms with Greenhouse gas reduction projects, these include switching energy sources, such as going from oil #6 to electricity, or as anothe example, energy efficiency such as new processes or technologies. Afterwards, the difference between the baseline scenario, which is what would occur in the absence of the project, and the project scenario, are quantifiable.

The participants will be able to learn the ISO 14064-2 norm, including the principals and requirements, in regards to the determination of the baseline scenario for the projects, the sureveillance required as well as the quantification of the performance of implemented measures and the associated elaboration of the Greenhouse gas quantification report and subsequent validation and/or verification. They'll also discover the relationship of the ISO 14064-2 norm with other GHG reduction programs. The discussion will also cover various methodologies such as those from the Volontary Carbon Standard (VCS) and from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

  • Requirements of the ISO 14064-2 Norm
  • Understanding the relationship between ISO 14064-2, the VCS and the CDM as well as other existing protocols
  • Learn how to determine the reference scenario for the project
  • Understanding the quality control mechanisms and quantification methodologies
  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of the GHG verifier
  • Learn how to plan, execute and elaborate a Greenhouse gas reduction project
  • Understanding the worldwide carbon markets.

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