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Genesis Water Technologies has developed a comprehensive advanced Green Communities Program integrating both a specialized renewable energy grid with our advanced water & waste water solutions for off-grid communities/municipalities and sustainable real estate development projects across the world. The GWT green communities program initiative originated out of the necessity of several governmental agencies across the world requesting us to develop a sustainable infrastructure solution to provide basic services of drinking water, waste water, and power to coastal & inland communities where there was limited or no existing infrastructure available.

This initiative is continuing to evolve into a solution that has been well received by communities, governments, and private sector development partners in both developed and developing nations to address the areas of sustainability, water quality, and water scarcity, which are major challenges that they are faced with today and into the future.

The Green Communities Program was initially developed based on coastal communities with populations of 8000 or more people. However, we are able to customize this program initiative to encompass communities/municipalities and developments of varying population sizes from 1000 to several hundred thousand.

Our GWT Green Communities Program initiative has been recently featured in several well respected publications across the Americas, Africa, Caribbean and Asia. Our comprehensive GWT Green Communities Program was also recently featured on a segment of the well renown environmental TV program, Emerald Planet that is broadcast in over 80 nations.

  • Hybrid Specialized Centralized/Decentralized Renewable Energy Grid using specialized solar photovoltaic technology as well as biogas/syngas waste to energy to provide continuous power to homes and businesses in the community.
  • Advanced modular centralized/decentralized water and waste water treatment solutions
  • Organic solid waste reduction. Through the renewable specialized syngas pyrolysis process, we are also able to achieve this reduction. This reduces the area required for landfills for waste and reduces the associated operating costs of maintaining these facilities for these communities/developments.
  • Homes and Buildings are specifically constructed with materials for form, function, and optimal energy efficiency to provide the lowest energy footprint

Genesis Water Technologies and our partners look forward to replicating this community program initiative throughout the world.

Together we can make a difference in this mission to save lives and enhance economically productive communities as well as efficiently optimize commercial/industrial processes in a sustainably environmentally friendly way for mutual benefit.

Steps to get started:

Discuss Initial Scope– Work with government officials/ private sector real estate development companies to determine Committed Interest Level (About 6 initial questions)

Design Budget– Work with qualified local construction partner and government officials or private sector developer to approve a design budget

(This budget would include the cost of local civil engineering/site plan and GWT site visits)

Implementation Budget– Budget for equipment solutions- (local contracting budget for construction with GWT oversight)

GWT Technical Support & Consumable Agreements– Establish technical support/consumables agreements with private sector development/government agencies to be facilitated in association with local authorized partners of Genesis Water Technologies (GWT) to maintain both renewable power & water system solutions in optimal operation.

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