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Walkerton Clean Water Centre

Hands-on Training


The Centre recognizes that effective training for practical skills must be, at least in part, hands-on. To meet this need the Walkerton Clean Water Centre Research & Technology Institute, in collaboration with our Training Institute, is continuously working to increase the offering of courses using more elements of hands-on training.

The Available Hands-on Courses as of April 2012

  • Operation of Conventional Treatment Processes (1.9 CEUs) for Operators, 2.5 day for postsecondary institutions
  • Membranes for Drinking Water Treatment
  • Performing Inspections and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants
  • Performing Service Taps on Watermains
  • Practice of Water Analysis and Interpretation
  • Practice of Rapid Filtration
  • Practice of Water Chlorination
  • Slow Sand Filtration
  • Treatability Studies and Jar Testing

First Nations Hands-on Courses

Postsecondary Students
Operation of Conventional Treatment Processes:

Invitation to colleges and universities with a water related program to attend a special 2.5 day program at the Centre’s Technology Demonstration Facility.

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