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Harassment Prevention Training



Harassment is not only illegal, it also impacts productivity and employee morale. Since the law sets only a bare minimum for acceptable behavior, this program integrates workplace policies and procedures prohibiting harassment, discrimination, retaliation and abusive conduct. We bring in your organization’s values, to go beyond compliance and reinforce the process of creating a respect filled workplace. Taught by our attorney-trainers, who are skilled facilitators with years of experience both in the classroom and courtroom, this world-class webinar involves participants in fun and engaging ways so they can effectively apply these concepts immediately to avoid employee complaints and costly lawsuits. This webinar is designed for a national audience and is compliant with CA (AB1825 & AB2053), CT and ME harassment laws.

Who should attend: Executives, managers, supervisors, leads.

Participants will learn:

  • The causes of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and workplace bullying
  • The legal definition of harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Your organization’s policies and procedures
  • How to apply the law and policy to specific case examples
  • The manager’s duty to prevent harassment and abusive conduct
  • The manager’s duty upon receiving a complaint
  • Organizational and legal procedures for complaint handling
  • Remedies available to victims
  • Guidelines for creating a workplace free of harassment, discrimination and abusive conduct in the workplace and retaliation

Format: This on-line training program is taught in real-time by Fair Measures attorney trainers. It is highly engaging using humor, stories and polls to ensure learning and practical application. We feature excerpts from video programs and actual cases studies that demonstrate the complexities of these issues, including bullying in workplace.

Length: 2 Hours

AB 1825 & AB 2053: Fair Measures, Inc. certifies that this program meets and exceeds the requirements of California harassment compliance including abusive conduct.

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