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Hazardous Materials Training


Hazardous Chemicals “Learn to Identify and Take Appropriate Steps”. There are more and more powerful and toxic hazardous chemicals being used in the healthcare environment. The trend can only be increasing. Issues concerning compliance, regulatory and safety go hand in hand with waste. A thorough review of waste policies, handling and movement techniques usually identifies several issues that if not addressed expose the health system to sanctions, fines and worse.

Undoubtedly there are inherent risks when working with and disposing of these hazardous chemicals. To help manage these risks, the Occupational Health and Safety Organization (OSHA) has issued clearly defined requirements. We are keenly aware of our customer’s needs and have a strong understanding of the regulatory requirements.

To address the needs of our customers regarding hazardous chemicals we have created our On-Line training module. The objectives of this module are:

  • Define OSHA criteria for determining the hazardous nature of chemicals found the in the healthcare delivery environment
  • Identify physical characteristics of hazardous materials frequently used in the course of patient care delivery
  • Discuss the primary source document describing safe handling procedures of hazardous material
  • Explain labeling requirements
  • Recognize appropriate use of personal protective equipment

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