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We don't get to be #1 in compliance solutions without our customers successfully using our products. From taming the flow of paper SDSs through Tracking Hazardous Material usage and disposal, LOGICAL will work with you to decide what information must be collected and how it needs to be collected to run your desired reports. LOGICAL will also work with you to import information from existing systems.

To help you utilize hazMIN®, all LOGICAL software is provided with free online training sessions and webinars. Training videos covering core functionality are always available 24 hour a day. LOGICAL will schedule application specific training online during normal business hours.

Most LOGICAL users will rarely require any software training. The SDS Management features of the software have been designed for true ease-of-use.

LOGICAL fully realizes that circumstances change, people move on, or sometimes you just need a little help. Since 1986, LOGICAL has always provided free customer training at our Peoria, Illinois facilities.

Even when it comes to the more advanced features of the software, like hazMIN® Environmental Reporting and the hazMIN® Committee Review modules, the training is rarely about the keystrokes. The keystrokes and software options are all covered in LOGICAL'S comprehensive context-sensitive Help feature and you can always call, free of charge, our Customer Support if you have any questions. Instead, LOGICAL'S software training is usually focused on working with you to determine how to best utilize the software to meet your specific goals and requirements. At LOGICAL, we pride ourselves on helping our customers utilize any of the products, in our software suite, to achieve their specific goals.

If you need help loading your own SDSs, help with your database, help learning the keystrokes, or help implementing the software, we are here for you. You've made an investment in LOGICAL and we're most willing to make an investment in you.

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