OSHA - Hazwoper Hazardous Materials Technician Initial

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OSHA - Hazwoper Hazardous Materials Technician Initial

Trainees in this course will actually don and doff the type of Level A equipment used for protection during responses to releases of especially hazardous chemicals, as well as receiving training on all aspects of the response and their role in the overall incident management system.

Participants Receive

  • Institute course manual.
  • Classroom training.
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards.
  • Emergency Response Guide.

Course Features

  • OSHA HAZWOPER requirements for emergency responders.
  • Chemical and biological hazard classification.
  • Course competency exam.
  • Classroom and hand-on experience in
    • Personal protective equipment selection at a response scene.
    • Techniques for monitoring for hazardous substances.
    • Containment and control response options.
    • Equipment, site, and personnel decontamination.
    • Sizing up a response scene
    • Site control


Environmental Management Institute, Inc.
Environmental Management Institute, Inc.
5610 Crawfordsville Road, Suite 15
Indianapolis ,  IN 46224-3787

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