Houston Technology Center (HTC)

HTC Client Acceleration Program


The overall objective of the HTC Client Acceleration Program is to aid our clients in formulating a compelling business proposition in order to prepare them to generate revenue or raise capital. HTC Clients work with an Acceleration Director who guides them in developing and executing their business strategy to achieve their individual goals.  HTC provides introductions to advisors, funders, and customers through networking opportunities and events. HTC Clients graduate with sustainable revenues, a credible team, a validated product and a compelling story. Each company is treated individually according to their position in the Acceleration Pathway and their unique needs.

HTC facilitates the acceleration of companies in five vital components that we recognize as imperative in their maturity: Team, Market, Product, Finance and Infrastructure.  The Acceleration Pathway is a general overview of the progression that most clients undertake to achieve success. Since its inception in 1999, HTC has assisted its Clients and Graduates in raising $1 billion and creating thousands of jobs.

Applicant: Compatibility & Readiness
Brief executive coaching with an HTC Acceleration Director

  • Vision mapping
  • Business readiness assessment

Candidate: Refinement & Analysis
Extended  executive coaching with an HTC Acceleration Director for up to six months

  • Analysis of the business plan and consultation on executive summary
  • Opportunity to present and receive feedback from screening committee

Client: Goal Identification & Gap Resolutions
Approximately one to two years of individualized management consulting from an HTC Acceleration Director and access to a pool of business advisors

  • Refinement of business plan
  • Strategic planning
  • Pitch refinement

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