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How are you complying with the MAP and LEAN requirement that 'Lenders must establish a written development plan for underwriter trainees that include a combination of commercial/multifamily training course and on the job experience'? Are you finding it difficult to obtain MAP and LEAN specific and relevant training courses for your staff?

Over the past 15+ years, D3G has been invited to various client meetings and conferences to provide educational programs on all things FHA/HUD as well as topics related to Environmental, Engineering, and/or Green/Sustainability. D3G has performed training for MAP Lenders, State Finance Housing Agencies, and HUD Multifamily field offices. And recently, D3G was accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a technical training affiliate and testing center. This training accreditation combined with D3G’s unsurpassed HUD/FHA multifamily and healthcare assessment experience makes for a powerful combination.

We are pleased to offer HUD MAP and LEAN training to our Clients, focusing on the environmental, engineering, and AEC issues revolving around housing and healthcare. Training can be arranged to fit your schedule, can be provided in person or electronically, and upon completion will be documented with training certificates. D3G has established training modules for MAP Chapters 5, 6 and 9, or we can customize training to meet your staff’s needs. Examples of pertinent training courses include:


Details of the Architectural/Engineering Review & Cost Estimation Process
Our experienced staff of cost estimators and architectural reviewers can walk you through the 221(d4) and 232 New Construction process, to include case studies. For those wanting advanced knowledge, the LIHTC Pilot Program, deferred submittals, and the Heavy 223-f can be discussed in detail.

Performing a Property Condition Assessment
Do you need a property condition report? Do you know what that entails? We can help you understand the differences between ASTM E2018, HUD MAP Guidelines, and other industry requirements. We can walk you through the process from the visual inspection, document review and interviews, as well as the expected repair and replacement needs over the life of the mortgage. Let us know what areas you would like further explanation and D3G can customize a training program that meets your needs.

Fair Housing Act (FHA) Compliance Training
Are you looking to refinance a multifamily property that was constructed after March 13, 1991? If so, you may be surprised to find the property has outstanding FHA deficiencies. We can help you understand the design requirements of the FHA and what potential remedies exist for common violations. Let us know what specific areas you need clarified and D3G can customize a training program for you and your team.


Is a VEC a REC?
ASTM E 2600-10 Training – Per Section 9.3.A.1.j of the HUD MAP Guide, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment must include an initial Tier 1 'non-invasive' Vapor Encroachment Screen (VES) to determine if there is a potential for vapors to occur in the subsurface below existing and/or proposed on-site structures. Learn what D3G does to complete the Tier 1 'non-invasive' VES and what the next steps are if the results of the Tier 1 'non-invasive' VES indicate that a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC) exists, a VEC likely exists or a VEC cannot be ruled out. If it is determined that a VEC is likely or cannot be ruled out, then it must be deemed a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) for the purposes of the Phase I ESA. Knowing and understanding the process could save you time and money on your next deal.

NEPA Compliance Training
Our Director of Environmental Services, Staige Miller, can guide you through all of the NEPA requirements to make sure that your deal will not be adversely impacted by issues such as Historic Preservation, Floodplain Management, Wetlands Protection, Noise Analysis, and/or Explosive/Flammable Hazards. Let us know what areas you would like further explanation and D3G can customize a training program that meets your needs.

Hazardous Materials Training
Are you unsure what the testing requirements are for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint in multifamily housing? Perhaps, you are looking to refinance a pre-1960 apartment complex or maybe you are planning to substantially rehabilitate an existing nursing facility constructed in 1975. What is the difference and what type of surveys or screenings are required? If you are uncertain, let D3G train you on the various requirements for compliance with the HUD MAP Guide pertaining to Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint!


Energy/Utility Efficient Multifamily Housing
Will going Green or Sustainable assist your loan application? How can I use the findings of an Energy Audit or Utility Allowance Study to help my underwriting? Learn how Green aspects of a proposed rehabilitation or new construction project can be used to your advantage.

Integrated Pest Management
New green loan programs offered by HUD and GSE’s are requiring Integrated Pest Management (IPM) studies. What is IPM? Learn not only what it is, but also the benefits of IPM, and also new HUD policy on bedbugs (Yuck!).

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