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IMMI Environmental Noise Mapping Training

The basic training that is presented on this page is targeted towards new users of IMMI. This training helps in developing a confidence in using IMMI in projects. Advanced training 'noise prediction & noise mapping. Advanced trainings can be arranged on demand. Advanced trainings are targeted towards specific user needs and require a certain level of acquaintance with IMMI. Advanced trainings do not follow fixed structures but are tailored towards the needs and specific questions of the user.


IMMI is quite a powerful noise mapping software: The more the user knows about IMMI’s numerous functions, the better he / she can put them to productive use.
Wölfel recommends to attend our training for beginners and advanced peoples.
Using tested training manuals and mixing explanations with practical exercises, you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about IMMI. The programme of each of the two training days covers a series of topics.
Tutoring is assured on both days by two certified IMMI trainers with a long track record of using IMMI. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and will greet them as an opportunity to explain more intricate features or to repeat explanations regarding difficult concepts. The combination of theory, practice and almost individual tutoring ensures best results for attendants who will feel more confident and therefore will be more productive in their daily project work.

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