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IMO Training


MAVI DENIZ can provide oil spill response training from Incident Management to Operational/Safety training for any given situation from major incident to smaller spills. Training can be included as part of a package or provided on an individual product basis. MAVI DENIZ’s certified professionals, and technical team has considerable experience for many years. MAVI DENIZ also organizes seminars for shipping, environmental proffessionals, students, environmental, work safety and healty managers, volunteers from schools, technical colleges, universities, shipping, oil, terminal, port companies and municipalities & local authorities.

In addition to high quality oil spill response equipment, Mavi Deniz offers practical, value-added, and cost-effective trainings ;

  • IMO Level 1 Operational Staff , Oil Spill Response Training
  • IMO Level 2 Supervisors and on-scene commanders, Oil Spill Response Training
  • IMO Level 3 Senior management personnel, Oil Spill Response Training
  • Shoreline Spill Response and Scat
  • Inland Oil Spill Response
  • Oil Spill Clearance
  • Tanker Roll Over Training
  • Handling of Hazardous Spills and spill response techniques
  • HNS / Hazmat Training
  • LNG response
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Boom Deployment Training
  • Emergency response/crisis management training for managers, supervisory, and/or operational personnel
  • Use of oil spill response equipment, dispersant, transfer pumps, sorbents, vessels, small boats and other equipments
  • Fate and effects of oil at sea
  • Marine environment and pollution

  • Increase proficiency using actual Oil Spill Recovery Equipments and Oil Spill Recovery Vessels
  • Analyze performance by collecting and measuring recovered oil
  • Hands-on hazardous material training

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