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Inland Oil Spill Response Course


The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Compliance - Operations Level for Oil/Petroleum Products Spill Response - 3 Days/24 Hours. This Course teaches the 'Basic Skills and Information' required by the Federal Regulations on How to Control and Mitigate an Inland Waters Oil Spill. The 'Basic' Selection and Implementation of Response Techniques, Strategies and Utilization of Oil Spill Response Equipment, Materials and Manpower for Containment, Recovery and Cleanup Oil Spills in Inland Waters and on Land is included. 24 Hours of Classroom Instruction and 'Hands-on' Field Exercises are conducted over 3 Days. Training culminates in a Full Scale Oil/Petroleum Products Response Exercise.

  • Boom Design and Construction
  • Applicable Governmental Regulations
  • Homeland Security
  • River Boom Deployment Techniques
  • Spills on Land and Small Waterways
  • Oil Sorbents and Chemical Agents
  • Incident Command System
  • Oil Skimmers Selection and Usage
  • Calm Water Boom Deployment Techniques
  • Documentation Procedures

  • Calm Water Boom Deployment
  • Boat Handling and Boom Towing
  • Rope Knot Tying
  • River Boom Deployment Exercises
  • Oil Spill Simulation

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